Televisit Solutions

Flexibe and Portable – Telemedicine on the go

Televisit takes advantage of the latest computer and connectivity technology to give healthcare professionals and patients a wide range of options for delivering and receiving medical consultations. Doctors can monitor patients remotely in their homes, school, work places and the field. The integrated medical record system and scheduling tools enhance productivity and make Televisit the only tool you need to start a telemedicine practice.

Equip your Televisit solution with a broad spectrum of medical devices that allows the provider to tailor the product to the intended patient population.

Chose one or more connectivity options depending on the environment that the system will be used – 3G /4G, wireless, broadband and satellite.

The Solution

Televisit is a technology driven solution that facilitates consultation, diagnosis, and care management via a web-based communications network that provides dedicated and secure video conferencing and telemedicine capabilities.

The Televisit system is a suite of software applications that provides users with a complete virtual clinic that is accessible through a standard desktop or laptop PCs. The individual applications are hosted and managed using a common infrastructure that controls all aspects of a virtual consultation : the video communications process,  physiological data transfer, scheduling, security, user management, reporting, billing, and auditing  - All of these features are  user-managed through a simple browser-based interface.

Key Features of Televisit: 

Management Applications

Televisit comes with a variety of management applications that allows medical professionals to: Efficiently manage their time with a built in session scheduler; Create detailed and custom reports to display the information that the user wants and needs;  Manage and monitor the users and network through the secure web interface; Customize online health forms and questionnaires that allows terminals to be tailored for a specific use or purpose.   These applications allow your medical professionals to work smart and efficiently in a manner not dissimilar to a bricks and mortar clinic.

Fully Integrated Medical Devices and Peripherals

PHD Medical has carefully selected FDA, Health Canada and CE approved medical devices and peripherals. Once selected we have worked closely with the manufacturers to integrate their hardware with our software, allowing doctors and health professionals complete remote control of all devices. This provides the capability of taking readings at the patient presenting site and, in real time, transmitting back to the health professional.

Audio, Video and Real-Time Streaming of Physiological Data

In addition to high quality audio and video, Televisit has the ability to stream physiological data in real time. Unlike other telemedicine solutions that use “store and forward” to transmit data, Televisit can stream data as it comes in during an appointment, allowing the doctor to get accurate data as he/she needs it.

A Wide Range of Connectivity Options

Televisit was designed with the understanding that users need the ability to carry out clinical sessions from a variety of locations. Therefore our carts and cases can be equipped and connected via broadband, wifi, 3G/4G and satellite.

Compliance and Data

All data is exportable to exisiting EMRs (HL7). Televisit is a FDA, Health Canada, and CE approved Class II medical device. Televisit is also HIPPA compliant.


Whether you manage remote employees, have rural policy holders,  or ward inmates; Televisit will bring medical expertise to your patient population.   Not only will you bring timely services to your patients, but you will also avoid costly transfers, excessive testing,  and public safety issues.   On the other side of the equation;  physician’s that use Televisit are extremely efficient and have little to no operational overhead in their telemedicine practices.

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