eTrending Graphical Data Analysis

eTrending® is a state-of-the-art data analysis software. Easy to use and graphically rich. eTrending takes raw, hard to decipher data from medical devices and transforms it into simple to understand charts, tables, and graphs.

eTrending® was developed after realizing that there was no web-centric product available that could manage and analyze data produced during respiratory sleep studies and nocturnal oximetry. eTrending was initially designed as an internal tool for scoring data received from pediatric sleep studies, but due to the large amount of positive feedback and recommendations to expand the scope of the product it was decided to release eTrending as an online tool. Our intention is to diversify eTrending into as many scoring and trending applications as possible.

 Key Features of eTrending

Advanced Online Graphical Analysis Tool

Our sophisticated yet easy to use graphical software is online, and therefore requires no installation CD, license key, etc. It is a powerful tool that can easily chart and visualize data from medical devices, such as oximeters. All that is required is an internet enabled computer, a supported medical device, and an eTrending account.

Simple Study and Patient Management

eTrending makes it simple to manage your information. All your patients, patient studies, and data are neatly sorted, organized and searchable. This allows you to quickly search for and update patients immediately as new data becomes available.

Automatic Report Generation

The automatic report generator produces professional and clinically accepted reports detailing your complete study. Using the advanced graphing tool, you can edit your charts to focus only on the data you want, and then simply click a button to produce a complete report with charts, tables, comments, notes, and information.

Easy Charting and Statistical Analysis

Since all the data is stored in one location, eTrending is able to provide simple tools, to create charts and graphs based on patient information, clinical usage, as well as device info, etc. These statistics are displayed in easy to read bar and pie graphs, which can help you spot trends and monitor referral patterns.


Accessible from anywhere and always up to date …

eTrending’s ability to run on any internet connected PC in the web browser, turns any computer into a powerful data analysis and graphing tool. The online component ensures that users are always using the latest version, with any new additional features being pushed directly to the user.

eTrending is a patented software process and technology.

eTrending is currently in private beta, and is free to use. To find out more please click here.

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